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  • T.J. Petito

The Holiday Hand Grenade

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Your family and friends gather together to catch up, laugh, and celebrate. There's nothing you wouldn't do to make this holiday the best ever. So if you are a homeowner that has a septic system and hosting a big event, it's time for to consider diffusing what we like to call the "Holiday Hand Grenade"

Extra presence means extra presents

The truth of the matter is this...your septic system is rated to handle the normal amount wastewater coming out of your house per bedroom. When you pack your family and friends in your home for a few days or longer, this means your septic system is taking on more than it's rated for in a concentrated amount of time. Hopefully, you will leave unscathed by this increase in usage but if there have been any problems building up from lack of septic maintenance, the "hand grenade" could go off, exposing your septic issues at the worst time possible.

Thanksgiving and peace of mind

Before you have everyone to your home this year, you can give yourself the greatest gift: peace of mind! There's no better time than now to have your septic tank and drainfield looked at by qualified professionals. Septic system maintenance is the proactive solution to future septic problems. By making sure you have regular septic tank pumping, filter cleanings, and septic system inspections, you can help prolong the life of your septic system and avoid emergencies...especially during the most memorable times with your family and friends.

OnSyte Septic Service is here for you! Call today for more information and to have your septic system maintenance scheduled.

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