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  • T.J. Petito

What's That Smell?!

Let's face it, there are pleasant smells that you put you in a joyful mood and then there are savage smells that make you want to dip your head in a vat of Febreze. Septic smells are no joke!

If you are smelling septic, you are most likely experiencing issues associated with your septic tank and/or your drainfield. There are a lot of reason why you could be experiencing septic smells so it's best to contact a certified septic professional to come out and diagnose the problem. If it's been more than 3 years since you've had a septic tank pump out, it's more cost efficient to have that service scheduled at the same time as well.

Be alert to these symptoms which can be the first signs of septic problems: gurgling or "burping" toilets, water backing up in tub or toilet, sewage smell in yard, pooling or squishy ground when it hasn't rained, water draining out from end of where drainfield would be.

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