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Get the most comprehensive report on your septic system!

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If you are buying or selling a home on septic, OnSyte provides you the opportunity to get full disclosure on the functionality of your septic system!

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"You get what you pay for"

You've heard this old saying time and again and we'd even go a step further to say "you get what you don't pay for". When it comes to septic inspections and septic system certifications, there is no standard or requirement on what needs to be done. This means any septic company can come out and give you a septic certification letter based on nothing more than above ground exploration. Many of our customers have had these type of septic inspections before buying a home only to find a few months later their septic system is in failure and backing up into their new home.

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We offer the highest standard for Septic System Inspections!

OnSyte Septic Service is proud to have created the most comprehensive Septic Inspection Report and Septic Certification Letter you can find. With a look similar to your home inspection report, we provide you with the all the details of your septic system plus pictures and video footage so you can visibly see any issues that may have come up during our septic inspection. Your septic system is more than just a tank in the ground and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to explore each element of your system.

Our Septic System Inspection and Certification includes:

  • Inspection of septic tank including solid levels

  • Inspection of inlet and outlet baffles including filter

  • Inspection of PVC lines coming into and out of the septic tank using our state-of-the-art camera

  • Inspection of drainfield chambers or pipe using camera

  • Visual inspection of ground over drainfield

  • Septic Certification Letter with detailed evaluation of the septic system

  • Pictures and camera footage showing the details of the septic system

Avoid costly septic emergencies by getting your septic system inspected today!

When it comes to septic, "out of sight, out of mind" can lead to more money "out of pocket". A septic system can be a ticking time bomb underneath the ground and, if not properly maintained on a regular basis, can eventually lead to emergencies and backups into your home. Scheduling a septic system inspection with OnSyte Septic Service means catching potential septic emergencies before they happen. Our professional technicians pride themselves on being thorough and detailed to give you the most comprehensive reporting on your septic system. You can always count on OnSyte to be honest, trustworthy, and upfront with communication on work and services.

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