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Septic tank riser installation from trusted professionals in Gwinnett County, Georgia!

Saves you money and your yard!

The one-time cost of installing risers will pay for itself with the savings from the elimination of future repetitive uncovering for inspection and pumping. Having a riser in place can also significantly reduce the cost of septic tank maintenance over time through the ease of access and time on the job saved. Plus, you will be spared the frustration of having your yard dug up every time you need a pump out or inspection.

But what is a riser?

A septic tank riser is a pipe made of either plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. It creates a vertical portal at the ground surface for easy access to the septic tank for inspection and pumping out. The lid is then either left exposed or with a very thin layer of soil and grass over it. 

Risers can be installed at the surface level where they are easily visible for locating or they can be installed just under the surface to create a seamless look to your yard.

Examples of septic tank risers that are visible and hidden


Riser Install Before.jpg




Riser Install After.jpg


riser cover 2.jpg

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