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We our your trusted septic tank pumping company serving Gwinnett County, Georgia!

The average household septic system should be pumped out at least every three years by a septic service professional. Four major factors influence the frequency of septic pumping:

  • Household size

  • Total wastewater generated

  • Volume of solids in wastewater

  • Septic tank size

At OnSyte, our professional technicians take the time to do your septic tank pumping right. We pride ourselves in treating every customer like we want to be treated. We will always be upfront about our septic tank pumping price so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

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Our Septic Tank Pumping Process:

Septic tank pumping is hard work and not for the faint at heart. It takes a little elbow grease and a big pump truck. You can save on your septic tank pump out by locating and/or hand digging it yourself or you can trust us to do the work for you. Some septic tanks are located up to 30 inches below the surface of your yard and require an excavator to uncover the top of the septic tank. After uncovering your septic tank, we use a long hose connected to our pump truck to suck out the sludge that has built up. While we are conducting the pump out, we will visually inspect the tank to make sure there no leaks or cracks. When your septic tank is empty, we put the lids back on and cover the tank back up. 

Our goal is to always do minimally invasive work, tearing up your yard as little as we can. If your tank is well below the surface though, you can expect to have to resod where your tank was dug up. This is why we highly recommend you get septic tank risers!

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